The cutest little pets ever!

In this video we have little baby hedgehogs being bathed and it is the cutest thing ever. I don’t know anything about hedgehogs nor if they are even meant to be kept as pets but this video melts my heart. If you ever do plan on adopting a pet be sure to check credible sources to make sure you can properly take care of your pet, because they are partners and not just toys! On a lighter note, I keep watching this video because I really want one now.

Disclaimer: Get a box of tissues

Putting a dog down is one of the hardest things that anyone will ever go through. It doesn’t even need to be a dog, any household pet that you loved dearly. It is truly devastating. Those pets are our whole life, we do anything and everything for them, and they do the same in return. When having to make such a tough decision, the only thing that makes it somewhat bearable is the great memories you shared.

Laziness level over 9000! Haha

We’ve all been extremely lazy but this guy Randy4oh from instagram takes it to a whole new level. He finds a way to get his dog to do his simple chores for him, and to be completely honest, its genius! Watch as he uses this adorable dog to turn off the light for him and calls it #lifehacks haha. If this is a lifehack, I think were all in some big trouble!


I wonder who is older out of the two cats? I have a feeling that its the black cat. Clearly it gives zero F**ks about biting the white cat. It’s just chilling cleaning itself and the other cat is over there just driving him nuts. He clearly had no other option but to bite him! It mimics the relationships between all siblings. When the younger one wants to play but the older sibling, literally wants nothing to do with you! Just smack it and they run away! Perfect!

Can you blame him?

This is probably one of the cutest videos I’ve seen in a long time! We have this young boys video posted by JukinVideo begging his parents to let him keep a dead fish. The parents tell him multiple times that he can’t keep it for a bunch of reasons and you can just see his heart breaking through his eyes. I used to get attached to quite a few weird things as a kid so I can understand this, its child psychology but in this case its really darn cute. Whats your weirdest thing you were attached to as a child?

Squad Sleepover

I miss the times when I used to ask my parents to go sleep over at someones house… how carefree the world was and how much fun my friends would have at those sleepovers knowing we weren’t being watched and all the dumb stuff we could do! I’d definitely transform myself into a big if I had the chance to do it all over again, ESPECIALLY if we all get to wear matching PJS. What do you guys think? Yay or nay


This little puppy just watched his mom go down the stairs, and his mind is BLOWN

Do you remember the first time you discovered melted cheese or something delicious? These moments in our lives usually changed our entire paradigm and we get to witness this happening for ourselves. In this wonderful video published by The Dodo you get to watch a mother go down the stairs infront of her pup and the pup can’t believe what she’s witnessed. You can just imagine the types of thoughts going through this beautiful and wonderful creatures head! See for yourself 🙂

You made the mess, you clean it!

This cat finally gets a taste of his own medicine and has to clean up the mess that he made! Have you ever come home to see one of your pets completely guilty knowing they did something wrong? Well this cat seems to have no remorse so this owner decided to take matters into his own hands, or should I say cat’s paws and make the cat clean it all up! LOL

Great Dane walking his own little friend is life

This is such an adorable video, this great dane decided to take his little buddy for a walk and it is life. It makes me all warm and fuzzy watching these types of videos of animals taking care of other animals and I think it’s a beautiful thing. If I could get a dog like this, I think my life would be complete, be sure to post videos of you and your dogs doing similar type of stuff since its so heartwarming!

Now that’s a talented dog!

This almost looks like a scene from a talent show, and it kept me mesmerized the entire time. We have a video that was taken at a storefront where a dog decided he was going to keep the balloon up in the air and not let it touch the ground. I’m sure almost everyone has played this game as a kid with friends and it seems like this dog would have made a better partner than most of the people I’ve ever played it with! LOL new definition of a man’s bestfriend.