Laser guided doberman crotch attack!

How many great videos have we seen on laser points and animals… it must be a million but today we have one of the best online. This video uploaded has over 2 million views and there’s a really good reason for that! By my guess the person with the laser pointer must be an older sibling because that is just absolutely cruel and funny at the same time. I can only imagine the pain/laughing fit if this ever happened in my household. Fingers crossed it never does! LOL

Glassblowing is so satisfying to watch :O

Glassblowing is such a beautiful technique which artisans expertly blow glass into a parison which is the same thing as a bubble. This bubble while using the main tube can be then rotated and shaped as the artist pleases. This dates back thousands of years ago and is probably one of the most beautiful fine arts still in existence.

Everyday objects with faces could amuse me for days!

This Youtuber and Instagram’r Sean_Charmatz is a creative lad! He created a compilation of every day objects with faces and it is amazing! The world is filled with such creativity its mind blowing, I couldn’t imagine of coming up with half the stuff some of these people create. In any case this is one of my favorite compilations of his videos and posts, let me know what you guys think and be sure to give him a follow on IG and subscribe to his youtube!