Chainsmokers – Closer (COVER), best version yet!

Have you ever loved a song so much you just wanted it to become a part of your life? You would sing to it, dance to it, play it on repeat and share it with all your friends? Have you also ever taken it a little bit too far by actually trying to copy it? I remember as a kid my friend and I once recorded a rap song instrumental and had we rapped the lyrics over it, it sounded absolutely horrible and the thought of it just makes me cringe! Thankfully for these two young ladies they own this video and clearly have no regrets! Sit back and enjoy this golden find! 🙂

This face mask is hilariously painful!

Have you ever had a face mask done before? Well Tiff and Cari decided to try one for the first time and thankfully for us they remembered to record it for our pleasure! This video is painstakingly funny to watch but will definitely keep you entertained. You may want to reconsider ever doing to yourself in the future, since it doesn’t seem to end so well for her!