I wonder who is older out of the two cats? I have a feeling that its the black cat. Clearly it gives zero F**ks about biting the white cat. It’s just chilling cleaning itself and the other cat is over there just driving him nuts. He clearly had no other option but to bite him! It mimics the relationships between all siblings. When the younger one wants to play but the older sibling, literally wants nothing to do with you! Just smack it and they run away! Perfect!

When Christmas gets weird AF

This video is not what I expected at all.. but for some reason I couldn’t stop watching it! Watch this young lad attempt to eat this entire creme caramel in one go, and his father and mother observe. The father does a few questionable things that only make this video a lot funnier especially how the kid doesn’t even flinch! Seems like a regular day in their lives! LOL

You made the mess, you clean it!

This cat finally gets a taste of his own medicine and has to clean up the mess that he made! Have you ever come home to see one of your pets completely guilty knowing they did something wrong? Well this cat seems to have no remorse so this owner decided to take matters into his own hands, or should I say cat’s paws and make the cat clean it all up! LOL

Weird things people love to eat!

My strange addictions is a show on TLC and they have some of the wildest and unique people i’ve ever heard of. There are lots of people who enjoy fine dining, sushi, pizza, ice cream… but you’d be HARD pressed to find someone who likes what this lady does in the video below. Any thoughts? This definitely ┬ácan’t be healthy!