The cutest little pets ever!

In this video we have little baby hedgehogs being bathed and it is the cutest thing ever. I don’t know anything about hedgehogs nor if they are even meant to be kept as pets but this video melts my heart. If you ever do plan on adopting a pet be sure to check credible sources to make sure you can properly take care of your pet, because they are partners and not just toys! On a lighter note, I keep watching this video because I really want one now.

Some days you just can’t win!

This is just one of those friendly reminders that you can’t win ’em all! A lot of people are afraid of failure and to be honest, it will hold you back in life and here we have some prime examples of people who weren’t afraid to fail and -fingers crossed- live this way with their actual goes and not stupid dares! I’m all for trying new things and being ok with failure, but perhaps don’t try these at home yourself!

Fishing for compliments

One of my favorite past times is fishing for compliments, and I get the feeling most people do it too. It’s the type of thing we tend to do subconsciously even when we don’t realize it but makes us feel good. Do you have any great stories when you were fishing for compliments? Catching someone do it and calling them out is so mean but satisfying as well.

Could you drive here?

I’ve traveled many continents and seen some wild things but this is up there with the wildest. I keep going back and forth debating whether its real or not and I honestly can’t decide. This footage which is apparently taken from somewhere in Africa shows a MASSIVE intersection with no traffic lights. Cars are to use their own discretion to get through and I think I would be stuck there for a few hours, if i’m still alive. What would you do?

When life has you down….

When life has you down people resort to all sorts of forms of escapism to relieve their stresses. This little girl is probably the greatest and realest depiction of trying your best to enjoy something your supposed to be when dealing with other issues. Mental health issues, depression, anxiety are all things that come up in peoples lives… but take it from this girl and do your best to enjoy it regardless… eventually it’ll make you feel better. I hope… lol!

When Dad gets left alone with the baby…

Fathers can be quite the characters now a days especially with the invention of webcams and videophones. In this short adorable clip provided by JukinVideo you can see a bored dad having a fun date with his little baby. This bonding time is so perfect and I wish more fathers did this type of stuff with their children!

Drunk Dude Sleeping On My Car

On a trip I took to Turkey, I remember seeing cats and dogs sitting on cars all the time. The population of animals are treated so well there -even the stray ones- that they felt comfortable anywhere they went and didn’t run. Here we basically have the exact same thing happening to a human who decided to get comfortable on the hood of someone elses car. This had me cracking up, and I love the commentary. Credit: JukinVideo

Ladies. SO TRUE!!!

OH MY GOD! LADIES, I know you don’t want to admit it, but how accurate is this video. We totally deceive people with our photos on Instagram. First the filters, don’t get me started on the filters. I love them, but they make everyone look flawless. When you see the person face to face you’re in complete shock! It doesn’t even look like them! Then we have the photos themselves! No-one will ever know if its a real picture or not! How great is that! It’s like telling a lie to the world without getting caught.
Isn’t that bad? I guess we will never know.


I wonder who is older out of the two cats? I have a feeling that its the black cat. Clearly it gives zero F**ks about biting the white cat. It’s just chilling cleaning itself and the other cat is over there just driving him nuts. He clearly had no other option but to bite him! It mimics the relationships between all siblings. When the younger one wants to play but the older sibling, literally wants nothing to do with you! Just smack it and they run away! Perfect!