Some days you just can’t win!

This is just one of those friendly reminders that you can’t win ’em all! A lot of people are afraid of failure and to be honest, it will hold you back in life and here we have some prime examples of people who weren’t afraid to fail and -fingers crossed- live this way with their actual goes and not stupid dares! I’m all for trying new things and being ok with failure, but perhaps don’t try these at home yourself!

Could you drive here?

I’ve traveled many continents and seen some wild things but this is up there with the wildest. I keep going back and forth debating whether its real or not and I honestly can’t decide. This footage which is apparently taken from somewhere in Africa shows a MASSIVE intersection with no traffic lights. Cars are to use their own discretion to get through and I think I would be stuck there for a few hours, if i’m still alive. What would you do?

Ladies. SO TRUE!!!

OH MY GOD! LADIES, I know you don’t want to admit it, but how accurate is this video. We totally deceive people with our photos on Instagram. First the filters, don’t get me started on the filters. I love them, but they make everyone look flawless. When you see the person face to face you’re in complete shock! It doesn’t even look like them! Then we have the photos themselves! No-one will ever know if its a real picture or not! How great is that! It’s like telling a lie to the world without getting caught.
Isn’t that bad? I guess we will never know.

Would you do this with your boo??

This is for all those in a relationship. Do you think you could ever talk your partner into doing a mask with you? It would be one heck of a bonding moment, thats for sure. I would totally do it, but I don’t think I’d limit myself to just a hair mask. I would absolutely up the anti and make it a full body mask ;). I mean, why not. RIGHT!???

Someone call a dentist!!!

I have a feeling that this guy is going to need some serious dental work in the near future. HOW DOES HE DO IT? I struggle opening up small ketchup packages and this guy is just opening up a coconut with his teeth, savage. I wonder what made him want to do this in the first place? I’m curious as to what went through his head? The look on his face after he’s done to, priceless. His life is so fulfilled! It’s the little things in life!

It’s not going anywhere…

Can someone please tell this man that the water isn’t going anywhere. I wonder if he knows that and is just trying to kill time? Also, we need to point out what he is currently wearing. Flipflops, shorts, sweater and a hat! I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this man is Canadian. All he’s missing his a Tim Hortons double double.

If you don’t want this in your life, then you’re not human

Most people are not ones for wanting “wild” animals as household pets, but if you don’t want a Wambat after watching this video, then you are definitely not normal. It looks like a little baby pig, but without the snorting. The only downfall is, I definitely would not be travelling to Australia to go get one of these! There are too many wild animals that would actually KILL you!

I still need a calculator

It is astonishing that most of us can’t do simple math without the use of a calculator, and this little boy just needs his hands! Older generations say that the new generation has it so lucky. They use to have to do everything by hand, literally, by HAND, to answer math questions. Now-a-days we just get to dance the night away while we hit enter on the calculator!

Is this for real??

This guy can move better upside-down then most people can right-side-up. If this isn’t motivation to get off your butt and start working out to have this kind of balance, then I suggest you go buy some super thin string so you can pretend you are just as skilled as him! Like, how is this even real! His balancing skills are amazing!

There is no better way to bond

Have you ever had to change a baby’s diaper? If so, then I am sure you can totally relate to what this father is going through. The internal struggle to just do what you must to get the job done as fast as you possibly can. Trust me, I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. However, I’ll be totally honest and admit, I let the struggle get to me. I called it quits before the diaper was even off. The baby laughed as I clearly struggled with the awful smell, while awaiting someone to come in and bring some seriously large nose plugs! In the end, the diaper was changed and I’ve learned to always keep nose plugs handy…