When Christmas gets weird AF

This video is not what I expected at all.. but for some reason I couldn’t stop watching it! Watch this young lad attempt to eat this entire creme caramel in one go, and his father and mother observe. The father does a few questionable things that only make this video a lot funnier especially how the kid doesn’t even flinch! Seems like a regular day in their lives! LOL

Turkish ice cream man trolling his customer

These turkish ice cream vendors are legendary. There have been multiple videos posted online about turkish ice cream vendors doing gymnastics around their customers and teasing them before giving them their delicious treat. Here we have the recorders girlfriend being teased and poked with the thought of ice cream until the end finally giving in and letting her have it. I don’t know how long i’d last before I just walked away and said just keep my money and went to the supermarket to buy ice cream myself lol!