When life has you down….

When life has you down people resort to all sorts of forms of escapism to relieve their stresses. This little girl is probably the greatest and realest depiction of trying your best to enjoy something your supposed to be when dealing with other issues. Mental health issues, depression, anxiety are all things that come up in peoples lives… but take it from this girl and do your best to enjoy it regardless… eventually it’ll make you feel better. I hope… lol!

When Dad gets left alone with the baby…

Fathers can be quite the characters now a days especially with the invention of webcams and videophones. In this short adorable clip provided by JukinVideo you can see a bored dad having a fun date with his little baby. This bonding time is so perfect and I wish more fathers did this type of stuff with their children!

Drunk Dude Sleeping On My Car

On a trip I took to Turkey, I remember seeing cats and dogs sitting on cars all the time. The population of animals are treated so well there -even the stray ones- that they felt comfortable anywhere they went and didn’t run. Here we basically have the exact same thing happening to a human who decided to get comfortable on the hood of someone elses car. This had me cracking up, and I love the commentary. Credit: JukinVideo

Disclaimer: Get a box of tissues

Putting a dog down is one of the hardest things that anyone will ever go through. It doesn’t even need to be a dog, any household pet that you loved dearly. It is truly devastating. Those pets are our whole life, we do anything and everything for them, and they do the same in return. When having to make such a tough decision, the only thing that makes it somewhat bearable is the great memories you shared.

Would you do this with your boo??

This is for all those in a relationship. Do you think you could ever talk your partner into doing a mask with you? It would be one heck of a bonding moment, thats for sure. I would totally do it, but I don’t think I’d limit myself to just a hair mask. I would absolutely up the anti and make it a full body mask ;). I mean, why not. RIGHT!???

Laziness level over 9000! Haha

We’ve all been extremely lazy but this guy Randy4oh from instagram takes it to a whole new level. He finds a way to get his dog to do his simple chores for him, and to be completely honest, its genius! Watch as he uses this adorable dog to turn off the light for him and calls it #lifehacks haha. If this is a lifehack, I think were all in some big trouble!

Someone call a dentist!!!

I have a feeling that this guy is going to need some serious dental work in the near future. HOW DOES HE DO IT? I struggle opening up small ketchup packages and this guy is just opening up a coconut with his teeth, savage. I wonder what made him want to do this in the first place? I’m curious as to what went through his head? The look on his face after he’s done to, priceless. His life is so fulfilled! It’s the little things in life!

It’s not going anywhere…

Can someone please tell this man that the water isn’t going anywhere. I wonder if he knows that and is just trying to kill time? Also, we need to point out what he is currently wearing. Flipflops, shorts, sweater and a hat! I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this man is Canadian. All he’s missing his a Tim Hortons double double.

Watch this gym teacher rip into this disrespectful student!

I’m not normally one to condone violence but this is definitely something that should never happen in a place of education. This kid shown in the video is arguing with a gym teacher and is being so disrespectful. I’m impressed with how well the teacher kept his cool but deep down I had a small itch I wish he would have just hit him, someone needs to clearly discipline this kid, stat! One of the biggest issues of our generation or people like this who don’t respect authority, when it’s in place for a reason. What do you guys think?

Different level partying

To be completely honest this video confuses the hell out of me, I don’t understand what’s going on here. We have some fine young lads jumping, dancing, rolling and flopping around and what seems like a piece of fine art but I have a small inkling its just random. I was kind of stuck watching it a few times over, starring at each guy for an entire view, wondering what could be going through their minds at any given point and I was definitely stumped. Care to offer any thoughts? haha