Social Media, does it really ruin our relationships?

Are you in a relationship? If so, I am sure you are guilty of thinking that there is someone better, something more than what you currently have, but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, when you take away all the filters it could be a complete puddle of mud. Social media has altered the way we look at people and the way we want people to look at us. We always show the good, never the bad. What happens when all the filters go away? What do people really see?

Glassblowing is so satisfying to watch :O

Glassblowing is such a beautiful technique which artisans expertly blow glass into a parison which is the same thing as a bubble. This bubble while using the main tube can be then rotated and shaped as the artist pleases. This dates back thousands of years ago and is probably one of the most beautiful fine arts still in existence.

Adorable 3 year old cries about not wanting to get married

Marriage can be a scary thought for many especially a bridge and groom. The day of their wedding can be filled with anxiety, and doubt. The wedding day is supposed to be a celebration but a lot of people can’t handle the pressure and end up not truly being able to enjoy it. Watch this beautiful 3 year old cry about not wanting to be married and his reasoning… perhaps it’ll change your mind!

Via JukinVideo

She is on a mission

Breastfeeding is natural and healthy for most babies, and this baby seems to agree. Males have nipples which serve no purpose and this baby finds out the hard way. Watch as she tries to complete her mission to no avail and this great father letting her explore.

The infamous shampoo shower trick!

I’ve seen tonnes of prank videos but I think the shampoo trick is probably one of my favorites, you can find tonnes of them online. Essentially you find your unsuspecting target while they are showering, and continue to pour shampoo over their head so they think they can never stop scrubbing their hair. It really incites some serious anxiety in some! I for one, would have had a mini panic attack!

Weird things people love to eat!

My strange addictions is a show on TLC and they have some of the wildest and unique people i’ve ever heard of. There are lots of people who enjoy fine dining, sushi, pizza, ice cream… but you’d be HARD pressed to find someone who likes what this lady does in the video below. Any thoughts? This definitely  can’t be healthy!


Disaster from nowhere!

Have you ever forgotten anything? Who hasn’t right… well everything has it’s consequences but some worse than other! I know for a fact i’ve left my keys in my car, and had to have my window broken into. That doesn’t seem so bad after viewing this video! This poor lady forgot to close her sunroof before getting into a carwash, -only closing the interior part and leaving the exterior glass open-.


Running late?

Most people tend to run behind for a lot of reasons, especially when trying to get ready for something important. This is basically the perfect depiction of us getting ready while being adorably cute as well. This girl is going to grow up to be a wonderful woman i’m sure she’s already got a lot going for her!

This face mask is hilariously painful!

Have you ever had a face mask done before? Well Tiff and Cari decided to try one for the first time and thankfully for us they remembered to record it for our pleasure! This video is painstakingly funny to watch but will definitely keep you entertained. You may want to reconsider ever doing to yourself in the future, since it doesn’t seem to end so well for her!