Fishing for compliments

One of my favorite past times is fishing for compliments, and I get the feeling most people do it too. It’s the type of thing we tend to do subconsciously even when we don’t realize it but makes us feel good. Do you have any great stories when you were fishing for compliments? Catching someone do it and calling them out is so mean but satisfying as well.

Ladies. SO TRUE!!!

OH MY GOD! LADIES, I know you don’t want to admit it, but how accurate is this video. We totally deceive people with our photos on Instagram. First the filters, don’t get me started on the filters. I love them, but they make everyone look flawless. When you see the person face to face you’re in complete shock! It doesn’t even look like them! Then we have the photos themselves! No-one will ever know if its a real picture or not! How great is that! It’s like telling a lie to the world without getting caught.
Isn’t that bad? I guess we will never know.

Would you do this with your boo??

This is for all those in a relationship. Do you think you could ever talk your partner into doing a mask with you? It would be one heck of a bonding moment, thats for sure. I would totally do it, but I don’t think I’d limit myself to just a hair mask. I would absolutely up the anti and make it a full body mask ;). I mean, why not. RIGHT!???

Chainsmokers – Closer (COVER), best version yet!

Have you ever loved a song so much you just wanted it to become a part of your life? You would sing to it, dance to it, play it on repeat and share it with all your friends? Have you also ever taken it a little bit too far by actually trying to copy it? I remember as a kid my friend and I once recorded a rap song instrumental and had we rapped the lyrics over it, it sounded absolutely horrible and the thought of it just makes me cringe! Thankfully for these two young ladies they own this video and clearly have no regrets! Sit back and enjoy this golden find! 🙂

Social Media, does it really ruin our relationships?

Are you in a relationship? If so, I am sure you are guilty of thinking that there is someone better, something more than what you currently have, but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, when you take away all the filters it could be a complete puddle of mud. Social media has altered the way we look at people and the way we want people to look at us. We always show the good, never the bad. What happens when all the filters go away? What do people really see?

Absurd video of the week

This is probably the most absurd video I’ve seen all week. I’m not sure who got the idea to create such a video, or who planned it and choreographed it and put the time and energy into it…. but we appreciate it I guess? A little too off the wall for my own personal liking but I know I have a lot of visitors and viewers who like wasting their friends time and just tagging people! This one is for you!

Girl crushing this voice controlled game! LOL

Super Mario was one of my favorite video games ever, and I believe it captured the heart of the globe. It was an iconic game that millions have played and cherished in their childhood. Watch this young lady attempt to play a similar game but using only her voice to jump and move forward. You’ll thank me later!


One of my favorite commercials

Who doesn’t love watching TV ads? I found one of my favorites and decided to post it, and I’m sure you’ll get a good chuckle out of this one. I’m still curious how the other driver didn’t realize there weren’t two steering wheels but hey… its just a commercial right?

Weird things people love to eat!

My strange addictions is a show on TLC and they have some of the wildest and unique people i’ve ever heard of. There are lots of people who enjoy fine dining, sushi, pizza, ice cream… but you’d be HARD pressed to find someone who likes what this lady does in the video below. Any thoughts? This definitely  can’t be healthy!


Disaster from nowhere!

Have you ever forgotten anything? Who hasn’t right… well everything has it’s consequences but some worse than other! I know for a fact i’ve left my keys in my car, and had to have my window broken into. That doesn’t seem so bad after viewing this video! This poor lady forgot to close her sunroof before getting into a carwash, -only closing the interior part and leaving the exterior glass open-.